Bicycle Across South Carolina
Featuring Poinsett State Park to Swamp Fox Passage

September 12 - 15, 2019
Limited registrations available

The Palmetto Trail

Established in 1994, The Palmetto Trail offers 500 miles of cross-state hiking and bicycling paths which pass through mountains, lakes, swamps and forests. The inaugural year of Bicycle Across South Carolina (BASC) takes riders along 150 miles of the Palmetto Trail from the midlands near Sumter to the coast in Awendaw and helps you explore historic places and breath-taking scenes only available to the adventurer. Funds raised from BASC will be donated to the Palmetto Conservation Foundation, a nonprofit organization which maintains the trails.

The Experience

Bicycle Across South Carolina (BASC) is a 3-day  and 2-day ride designed to celebrate cycling and experience the state of South Carolina from a unique perspective. Riders will explore a different part of South Carolina, camp in state parks and enjoy the camaraderie of a rolling community of cyclists. Along the trails, participants will ride together, dine together and camp together in an unforgettable setting curated by the Palmetto State's statewide newspaper. Highlights include civil war sites, unique eco-systems, a boat tour, lunch in the swamp, guest naturalists and historians, lakeside camping under the stars, hot showers, great food, adult beverages and nightly entertainment around the campfire.

Whether you are a casual cyclist or regular enthusiast, this is a ride you won't want to miss!

The Ride

Cyclists can expect a variety of road and trail conditions as the course traverses rough trails, logging roads and rural areas. Three-day riders will start in Poinsett State Park with challenging elevations and the most primitive trails in some areas along the swamp. We do not allow children riders on this day of the tour and encourage highly skilled riders looking for a challenge that will be rewarded with the most spectacular scenery and rarely seen treasured locations.

The two-day ride is suitable for the whole family and follows along mostly flat terrain. Please check to see that your riding members are ready for the trail distances each day. We recommend an off-road bike suitable for enjoying the three-day and two-day trails.


Travel day
Parking and shuttle service at Hidden Ponds Nursery in Awendaw between 2 pm and 4 pm.
Bikes will be professionally packed on the truck between 2 pm and 4 pm.
Shuttles leave at 4:30 pm.


2019 Route Overview: BASC LARGE MAP


3-Day Riders parking and shuttle service at Hidden Ponds Nursery in Awendaw between 2 pm and 4 pm.
Bikes will be professionally packed on the truck between 2 pm and 4 pm.
Shuttles leave at 4:30 pm


Set up camp or drop off your luggage at the hotel, shuttle will be provided. Then gather for Grillin' and Chillin' with live bluegrass music in the lakeside retreat built in the 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corp. Enjoy a visit from the park's naturalist who will share insights on the unique ecosystem in this park that includes the bi-annual emergence of over 2 million frogs from the park's pond. Witness the scene of the crime with free paddle board and kayak rentals provided by BASC.

Your driver can drop you off at Poinsett State Park or Santee State Park either the night before or the morning of the ride. Also see the Accommodations section.

Guests can park at any overnight location.

You can park and leave your car at Hidden Ponds (our final destination) when you check in. Parking fee is $20.

When you check in to Hidden Ponds you can check your bike too. Our professional transporters would love to help transport your bike from Hidden Ponds to either Poinsett State Park or Santee State Park for no additional cost.

When you check in at Hidden Ponds we will shuttle you to Poinsett State Park or Santee State Park.

No worries, we will have a shuttle service for you.

Columbia Outspokin Bicycle Hybrid bike rentals starting at $150 for whole week. 3223 Devine St., STE 2 Columbia, SC, 29205 (803) 254-9797 Charleston The Bicycle Shoppe Hybrid bike rentals starting at $120 for whole week. 280 Meeting St Charleston, SC 29401 (843) 722-8168 Affordabike Hybrid bike rentals starting at $75 for the whole week. 573 King St, Charleston, SC 29403 (843) 789-3281

Making Your Way

The BASC Event Guide is the answer to most of your questions! Route maps and turn-by-turn cue sheets are available for each day in the Event Guide. Take it with you on your bike! This will be made available soon.

There will be BASC arrows at every turn. If there is no arrow, it means go straight. Please exercise caution here (and look for TRAIL MARKINGS) as sometimes people like to collect our signs.

We have trail markers on trees and in the ground everywhere you go to help guide your ride. There will also be a knowledgable guide with each group.

All BASC Routes are available for free on Ride With GPS. Download the smart phone app and load the respective day routes.

The SAG phone number is 803-240-8401. Please call if you need assistance. Emergencies please dial 911.

The mark of a safe and effective cyclist is to show respect for and awareness of the surroundings, including weather, road conditions, and others using the road. We request all riders follow these basic guidelines:

Wear an approved and properly-fitted helmet
Obey all traffic laws and stop at all stop signs
Ride no more than two abreast (Some area's only have room for one rider at a time.)
Ride as far to the right of the road as safe to do so
Move right and ride single-file when cars are behind you and need room to pass
Use appropriate hand and verbal signals when turning or stopping
Alert slower riders when you are passing on the left and do not pass on the right
Observe whether an intersection is clear before crossing
Do not wear headphones while riding
Always ride in a safe and predictable manner

We take safety seriously. Please make sure you are familiar with the above rules and make sure to follow them. We won’t compromise the safety of our riders; failure to follow the rules can result in removal from the rides/festival."

Camping is included with your registration fee. We are happy to transport your tent and related equipment in our trucks. You are responsible for bringing equipment, setting up and breaking down each day. Equipment must be properly packed and delivered to the trucks by 8:30 am.



Kayaks, canoes and pedalboats are included in registration to take out on the lake in Poinsett.


The ride will end with a pontoon boat ride to Santee State Park for those staying in the park. Everyone else will be shuttled directly to their hotel in Santee. Kayaks, canoes and paddleboards are included in registration to take out on Lake Marion.


Kayaks, canoes and paddleboards are included in registration to take out on Lake Moultrie.


Breakfast and coffee is included on the ride for those staying in self-camping and cabins.

Ride Snacks

BASC will provide a break area snacks and extra water along the Palmetto Trail every 15 miles.


Lunch is included each day on the trail.

Group Dinners

Every night, dinner, sodas, beer and wine are included in the cost of the trip.


For up-to-date registration prices, please see the registration page

Registration entitles you to:

A BASC 2019 Event Guide
Breakfast and Coffee
Lunch and Snacks on the ride
Dinner, Soda, Beer and Wine
Kayaking, Paddle-boarding, Pedal Boats, and Canoeing
A campsite with water and electric
Live entertainment Friday, Saturday and Sunday night
BASC T-Shirt

Registration does not cover: Bike rentals or alternative lodging

Change of Plans? Registrants have until August 1st, 2019 to cancel and request a full refund. After this date. No refunds will be given, no exceptions.

March 10, 2019
2019 Registration Open

August 1, 2019
Last Day to Request a Refund

April 19, 2019
Rates Increase

September 1, 2019
Registration Closes

September 12, 2019
BASC Ride Begins!

Water Bottle
Active Clothing for Cycling, Hiking, Sightseeing, ect.
Temperatures are still warm this time of year. Keep an eye on the forecast!
Casual Clothing for Dining

Self camping is included with your registration fee. But you are welcome to upgrade to an RV or a Cabin for an additional cost. If you perfer someone to make your bed every morning, we provide a shuttle service to a couple of local hotels. Please see accommodation section.

An off-road bike would be best. The terrain ranges from gravel to sandy to dirt roads to woods to back roads.

Our registration site allows you to search for people in your area that might also be attending the ride. You can also join our 2019 Registrants only Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BASCRegistrants/ 

Yes! BASC is a family-friendly event and your kids are welcome to join you on the ride. They must be able to handle the mileage each day and ride a 20" bike or larger in order to participate.

Yes! Just follow the trainer's guide and anyone can participate. Please see the trainers guide here.

Yes, you can use either of these because it is a ride and not a race

Drop us a line on our contact form or ask the BASC community on Facebook.

Contact us for more information about the event or sponsorship opportunities,
email BASC@postandcourier.com or call (843) 937-5458.

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