BASC 2023: Rockin’ out at Rock Hill

BASC 2023: Rockin’ out at Rock Hill


Welcome to the BASC 2023 Highlights where we can all reminisce on our adventurous weekend!



Riders from all over the United States met at Rock Hill, South Carolina, and covered many miles together between Friday and Sunday. Long route riders pedaled together a total of 175.6 miles, while short route riders rode 111.3 miles over a span of three days. Below is the mileage reported from our riders tracking their journey from start to finish!

                  Long route    Short Route

Friday        56.2              34.1

Saturday   66.5              44.1

Sunday      52.9             33.1


The weather brought sun, rain, fog and gusty winds…the makings of a true adventure. 

Photo by Steve Kisielewski



Photo by Cameron Clements





The routes brought along many sites for the riders to view. Riders rode past longhorns, stopped to see and feed the horses at the rest stop, and took photos with local’s Halloween decorations. One rider was even greeted by an owl with an outstretched wing to point her in the right direction of the path. Along the ride on Day 2, participants were able to visit Historic Brattonsville. At one of their rest stops, they approached a big white house where the movie The Patriot featuring Mel Gibson was filmed!     


Riders explore Historic Brattonsville




Riders found a fellow biker at a rest stop on Day 3; Meet Mr. Bones, an avid bicyclist who may have gotten a bit lost on the way to the finish line. 







During their downtime, some riders wanted a bit of adventure to prepare, so they visited the mountain bike trail near Basecamp. The trail is home to many mountain bike races and runs right past the Carhartt Mansion Ruins! 

After a muddy Day 2, riders flocked to get their bike cleaned by Muc-Off. The convenience of having Muc-Off there to clean their bikes after traversing through the mud and gravel had lots of riders thrilled. 

While their bicycles were off to the wash station, riders attended the Velodrome demo. A velodrome is a 42.5 degree slant with special track bikes that have no brakes; You have to pedal the whole time and control speed using your legs! Participants explained this experience as one-of-a-kind, exhilarating, worthwhile, and as you may expect, a bit terrifying!






“I have never been anywhere close to a Velodrome.  I’ve only seen them on TV during the Olympics.  I was enamored to see and be inside a pristine modern Velodrome.  I was amazed at how steep the embankments were… and with how tight the track was. Being inside it was a unique experience.” – Steven Cousins, Second Year BASC Attendee


Video by Paul Zoeller

Attendees got a chance to watch the BMX race at the Rock Hill BMX Supercross Track. To start it off, little kids who didn’t even have pedals made their way out onto the course and into their viewers’ hearts. As the older kids entered the course, riders watched in awe as these BMX riders floated over the bumps


“I love this event because all I have to do is bring my bike, my camping gear and my toiletries…everything else is provided: food, drink and the entertainment,” one rider was pleased to mention.


Photo by Vivian Dyer


One huge convenience of BASC is the food. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served by Luxury Catering ranged from breakfast burritos with egg, sausage, and peppers to pulled pork, mac and cheese, and broccoli! 







Photo by Stephen Massar


Happy hour was a popular activity for most riders! On tap, riders had the selection of beverages including from Comer Distributing Co., Slow Play Brewing, Fat Tire, and Blue Moon. They also enjoyed a grab bag of wine selections. 






Riders had the option to camp which is, unsurprisingly, a very popular choice! Food is available to all riders, but some riders take the opportunity at their campsites to make their own nutritious food including some who decided to grill their own vegetables!

Bicycling and camping isn’t the only thing this group has in common; by evening, cover band Exit 85 had riders up and moving. They left their patio furniture and blankets behind at the warm, blazing campfires, and danced their hearts out. The night did not seem to end with these folks! The band had a special guest on the tambourine, The Post and Courier’s own Chris Zoeller! The riders weren’t the only ones having a grand time.





After the music died down, riders made their way to the huge inflatable screen to end the perfect night with a movie, The Goonies. Watching the Goonies bicycle their way to the run down store where they found the hidden tunnels made the riders reminisce of their ride past autumn leaves, fields, and nature’s beauty.

While Basecamp has all the drinks, food, and entertainment needed for a spectacular weekend, some riders made their way downtown to shop at local stores along the Riverwalk including Charlotte Running Club, local breweries, and the dining scene at The Pump House.





Riders have come from near and far. Six Rock Hill locals joined us on Saturday! Riders from Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Maine, and many more states traveled many days to attend this event. We are very thankful for all the riders who decided to come out and experience BASC once again. We would like to acknowledge the “Dirty Dozen,” riders who have been attending BASC all five years since 2019!


Mike Campbell

Jim Dunn

Niall Mays

Rick Olson

Mark Perkins

Bill Schandall

John Sease

Nancy Whirley

Phillip Whirley

Kim Wilson

Joseph Wrightson

Paul Zoeller


Thank you all for attending BASC and making the event “wheely” great! You crossed the finish line of many miles, congratulations! You worked hard, completed an adventure, and conquered Bicycle Across South Carolina 2023!



As the event continues to evolve over the next few months, we want to hear what you’d like to see at BASC. Fill out our survey in your inbox and let us know what you’d like to see next year!

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