General FAQs

As we head into the final weeks leading up to BASC, here’s a compilation of the most common questions we received!

  1. Do we have to transport our camping gear and equipment?
    • Nope! Our team of professionally trained movers will be in charge of transporting all bicycles and equipment, camping gear, luggage, and anything else riders do not want to ride with. Please keep in mind that your supplies must be appropriately packed (so nothing is overflowing or spilling) and a considerate size/weight.
  2. Are there showers and electricity at the campsites?
  3. Can my children join me on the ride?
    • Your children are welcome to join the ride as long as they can 1) handle the mileage each day (physically and mentally) and 2) can ride a 20″ bike or larger
  4. What type of bicycle would you recommend?
    • We would recommend a hybrid bicycle or gravel. It really comes down to what you are most comfortable with. Day 1 (Friday) of the ride is a bit more mountainous but Day 2 and 3 (Saturday, Sunday) are relativity flat, gravel paths. Check out full route details here: 2019 Route Highlights 2019 Route Highlights
  5. How do I become a volunteer?
    • Volunteer registration will launch next Friday, August 23rd. Volunteers will help with transportation, setup/break down, food and beverage, and other tasks along the way. Anyone who volunteers will also be welcome to ride 1 day for free. If you are interested, please email me here and I’ll add you to our list:
      • Ex. If you volunteer on Friday, you can ride with the group and participate in all activities on Saturday or Sunday for free.
  1. What if my spouse/friend/family member doesn’t want to ride with me?
    • We have a non-rider options that allows friends or family to participate in the nightly activities without having to ride each day. Non-rider registration cost include; dinner each night, access to hiking trails, kayaks, and paddle boards, and your campsite. It does not include your transportation or breakfast/lunch.
  2. Do we have to camp?
    • We have hotels and cabins options available for anyone who would like an upgraded camping experience. Shuttles will be available for hotels nightly so you can enjoy the festivities each night and be shuttled to and from the hotels each night and morning. Check out our other blog post here that goes into details about our Nightly Accommodations.
  3. Are there vegan/vegetarian options each night?
    • Yes! We will have vegan and vegetarian options available for each meal.
  4. Will there be rest stops along the way?
    • We will provide a break area, snacks, and extra water along trail every 15 miles. Lunch is also served along the trail.
  5. How can I connect with other riders?
  6. Are there cut off times for riders each day?
    • Yes, there are cut off times for each day but those will based off when the last rider departs. There will be a “sweep team” that leaves each morning at 10:00 AM (an hour after the last rider) to ensure everyone finishes and no one gets left behind. We will also have meetings each night to go over the routes for the following day, SAG stops, cut off times, and other important details.
  7. Can I bring 2 bicycles?
    • Yes, you are allowed to bring 2 bicycles for an additional $25.00 (for transportation fees). You can select this option when you go through the registration process.

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