How to Celebrate National Bike Month

For the past 64 years, every May we have celebrated National Bike Month with hopes of spreading awareness of the sport and the many benefits cycling has to offer. As a community, we aim to encourage as many as possible to get up on two wheels and give cycling a try. Though some choose to celebrate 24/7/365, for others, National Bike Month is about discovering a new hobby and joining a community that you may have not known existed but now cannot live without. From recreational clubs to taking a spin around the neighborhood, we want to help you celebrate our favorite activity. Which- you guessed it, is the bicycle.

How Can I Celebrate?

Although there are four weeks dedicated to National Bike Month, coming up with thirty-one daily activities to commemorate the once-annual holiday can be an exhaustive task. There is no ‘gold standard’  level of participation expected from anyone. 31 days or 3, there is no wrong way to express the appreciation and gratitude shared by many. The celebration of National Bike Month can be as interactive as you choose– we’re just here to provide the resources needed to help join in on the fun. Some of those being month long, and others that don’t require 1/12 of your year. Rather simply, a day here or there, and a week towards the end, even all 31 days- if you’re up for it. Required only is the love of two wheels and some scrap metal.

  • In more predictable times, National Bike to Work Week is observed
    In the Netherlands, 50% of the total commuting is done by bicycle

    throughout the third week of May. Aside from the health benefits daily cycling has to offer, biking to work helps cut emission rates resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. Not to mention, the added bonus of saving up to $1,800 annually on gas

  • Typically, the last Friday of National Bike to Work Week is National Bike to Work Day. Those unable to participate in a week-long bikeathon are encouraged to join in unity with fellow cyclists on the third Friday of the month.
**The League of American Bicyclists has postponed the promotion of National Bike Month until September 2020, with Bike to Work Week taking place September 21st- 27th, and Bike to Work Day on September 22nd. However, May remains the official National Bike month. Don’t let a reschedule deter you from getting outside and safely celebrating what this sport is all about.**

Take it from our 35th president,

 “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” – John F Kennedy

  • In addition to National Bike to Work Week and Day, there is also National Bike to School Week. Aimed at those who have yet to enter the workforce but have somewhere to be at 8:30 in the morning and a day full of work looming on the horizon. Students are invited to ditch the seatbelt and trade it in for a *correctly* fitted helmet.


**Although most schools are temporarily closed and transitioning to a ‘learn from home’ setting for the remainder of the 2019 school year, you can still participate in National Bike to School Week 2020 from May 4th- May 8th. Follow along with updated, at-home, socially mindful daily activities that the whole family can enjoy, here**
Per the previously mentioned..

“different gear shifts and varying levels of participation”.  Cyclists need not feel limited in their displays of prideful sportsmanship and love for the sport. What if organized gatherings arent your thing but you…….

…Want to Celebrate National Bike Month with a more “hands-off” approach?

“You can never be overprepared or overeducated.” -An adaptation of an Oscar Wilde qute

  • Truer words have rarely been spoken. When you live in a state that is 42nd in the country for bicycle and pedestrian fatalities, staying well informed and up to date on the current laws and practices of cycling can be a matter of life and death. Get familiar with South Carolinas State bicycle laws here
Get Creative
Teach a younger family member how to ride a bike!
Charleston’s Bicycle Rental Service- Holy Spokes

Celebrating National Bike Month doesn’t mean showing up at every event or participating in every activity. The relationship we all share with cycling is deeply personal and can be expressed in a multitude of ways that aren’t on an official calendar. Do what feels right to you. Go for a twenty-miler on the trail, teach a younger family member how to ride, put air in your tires, or take a leisurely spin around the block. Don’t own a bike? Check to see if your town has a bicycle rental service. Whether you are new to the area or new to cycling, there are opportunities to expand upon not only your skill level but social circle as well. Find a cycling community in your area that can introduce and guide you seamlessly into the world that is                                            36  spokes surrounded by a rubber circle.

What Else?

The Bicycle Across South Carolina Team will be celebrating National Bike Month with giveaways and other exciting opportunities for our BASC community. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates! In the meantime, get acquainted with BASC 2019 in preparation for our soon-to-be-announced BASC 2020 dates!

Happy Cycling! And remember,

“You are one ride away from a good mood.” — Sarah Bentley, British cyclist