Rider Highlight: Paul Zoeller

“I’m in it for the fun and the beer”

We sat down with local cycling enthusiast and BASC registrant, Paul Zoeller.  Paul is a local photographer and considers himself a “recreational biker.” He and his good friend (another BASC registrant) hit the trail every Saturday up in Summerville, S.C.

“What’s happening now is we realize we’ve got to start doubling our ride. So we’ll ride the trail twice.” Paul has started doubling his rides so he can be ready for the distance and mileage that BASC requires. In addition to mileage, Paul has also started prepping his gear- making sure he’s got 3 of everything (jerseys, socks, etc.) for the 3-day ride. “We’ve been thinking of everything in three’s…”

The Palmetto Trail

Paul was first introduced to The Palmetto Trail through his work as a photographer.

“My job takes me out into the field a lot and one year I was tasked with shooting The Palmetto Trail. So I started up in the mountains near Greenville and Clemson and followed the trail all the way down to Awendaw. I’ve seen most of the trail and it showcases so much of the state.”

Day 1 of the 3-day ride is the most challenging part of the event. But that’s not what Paul’s worried about…”That second day is the scariest for us…after biking the first day through the steep terrain, we’re definitely going to be sore the following day.”

Don’t worry, Paul! We’ll have massage therapists and trained professionals on-site each night to help stretch and massage riders after the long rides.

The Experience

In the end, this ride is about adventuring through the trails and exploring the beautiful state of South Carolina. “What I really love is that the trail showcases these legs that I spend so much time on. Just being able to have those views and the time of year and all made it very enticing.”

Along the way, riders will get to learn about civil war sites from the state park historians, explore old plantations, go on a boat and various other excursions. BASC is much more than just a ride, but an experience.

“You get to ride, enjoy some live music…and at the end, you get to say you did it!”

So grab your friends, family, coworkers and join the ride! Early Bird Pricing ends August 1st ($370 for the 3-day and $270 for the 2-day). 

Join Bicycle Across South Carolina

As the event continues to evolve and come to life over the next few months, we want to hear what you’d like to see at BASC. Post-ride yoga? Football on a big screen? Email me here and we’ll see what we can do!

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