Rider Highlight: Mark Perkins

Rider Highlight: Mark Perkins



Hey everyone, we’re starting a new rider highlight series so you can meet some of the familiar faces on our BASC routes! Meet Mark, a four-time BASC-er from Summerville, SC! Mark has been riding with us since 2019 and is the true definition of a BASC-er: adventurous, bold, here for a good time, and an overall cool dude. Read on to learn about BASC from the best source!


How many years have you done Bicycle Across South Carolina?

All of them…. this will be my 4th year.


What interested you in BASC initially?

The multi-day camping, use of the palmetto trail, and the mix mostly off-road, dirt, sand, and gravel.


Why do you keep coming back?

It’s a great venue for a lot of the outdoor activities I enjoy: off road bike riding, camping, fun and games with like minded outdoor enthusiasts.

Here’s Mark with a few of his buddies on day 3 of BASC 2020


What is your favorite BASC memory?

Probably near the end of our 2nd day riding 2020 BASC, we were pleasantly surprised when we rode up on one of the sponsors/reps  (New Belgian Brewery), on the southwest dike of Lake Moultrie.  He’d pulled a heavy cooler full of cold “Fat Tire beverages” up onto the dike. That was about 55 miles into our 60 mile day.


This picture is from 2020 when Mark and the guys ran into the Fat Tire sponsor on the routes!


If you could describe BASC in three words, what would they be?

I’ll give you a few… you pick:

  1. Adventure and exploration
  2. Really good time
  3. Do it again
  4. Fun for all


What advice would you give a new BASC rider?

  1. Just get out and enjoy the ride
  2. Ride at your own pace
  3. Stop and take pictures
  4. Enjoy the rest stops
  5. Don’t be shy, make it a point to introduce yourself around, you’ll find plenty of people to ride and hang out with
  6. Have FUN!


Join Mark and our other 280 riders for a weekend full of adventure in McCormick, SC at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Agriculture at John de la Howe.


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