The Ride

The Ride

Cyclists can expect a variety of road and trail conditions as the course traverses gravel trails, country roads, and rural areas. On average, each day of riding will consist of at least 80% dirt surface (mostly dirt and gravel roads) and 20% pavement.  The ride is set up for mountain, cross, gravel, and crossover bikes with wider, knobby tires.  Road bikes not recommended.

Registration is now open! Long routes and short routes listed below.

Long Route: 52.5 miles
Elevation: +2733
Short Route: 24.4 miles
Elevation: +1136

3-Day riders will arrive Thursday night for their first night at BASC Basecamp! This will be our campsite for the whole weekend- no more setting up and breaking down your campsite each night. So set up camp and get comfy! Once you’ve established your home base, come join us for live music, dinner, and nightly activities.

Check-in times and location to be announced.


Yes, all non-riders and riders will have parking on-site.

Hotel options are available for all riders. Please note, we will not provide transportation to and from the hotels. Riders are responsible for booking their hotel rooms directly with our hotel partner.

Hotel Partner 1: Fairfield Inn & Suites Greenwood

  • 30-minute drive from the venue, transportation not included (you will have access to your car all weekend)
  • Additional $109 per night, click here to book.
  • Make sure to mention "Bicycle Across South Carolina" to get the group rate

We do not rent bicycles out through the event but check with your local shops!

Making Your Way

Friday, Oct. 15: Day 1

  • Long Route: 52.5 miles
    • Elevation: +2733
  • Short Route: 24.4 miles
    • Elevation: +1136

Saturday, Oct. 16: Day 2

  • Long Route: 50.8 miles
    • Elevation: +2572
  • Short Route: 31.1 miles
    • Elevation: +1547

Sunday, Oct 17: Day 3

  • Long Route: 55.9 miles
    • Elevation: +2646
  • Short Route: 26.3 miles
    • Elevation: +1204

Signage will mark all lefts, rights, straights, and rest stops along the route! Signs will be just one of the directional options for riders. We will also utilize cue sheets and Ride with GPS navigation. Examples of what you'll see on the trail are listed below.

Left Arrow

Right Arrow

Straight Arrow

Rest Stop

All BASC routes will be available for free on Ride With GPS. Due to last-minute changes, these links won't be available until closer to the event.

Download the smartphone app and load the respective day routes before you arrive on-site. Please keep in mind there will be minimal cell phone coverage at some of the state parks. All riders will be required to have the routes downloaded prior to check-in. If you don't have access to a smartphone, you will be required to partner with someone who does. This is a safety requirement for all riders.

Riders will be supported by 3 to 4 SAG vehicles equipped with bike supplies such as; inner tubes, floor pumps, tire levers, multi-tool, first aid kits, bottled water.

Note: This is a self-supported ride so please come prepared with necessary equipment and materials.

The mark of a safe and effective cyclist is to show respect for and awareness of the surroundings, including weather, road conditions, and others using the road. We request all riders follow these basic guidelines:

All participants who are mounted on a bicycle shall wear a securely fastened helmet that meets either the US DOT helmet standards or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard for bicycle helmets. Helmets with the European CEN certification may also be worn by riders while participating in the BASC event. For more information about our helmet policy, please click here.

  • Obey all traffic laws and stop at all stop signs
  • Ride no more than two abreast (Some area's only have room for one rider at a time.)
  • Ride as far to the right of the road as safe to do so
  • Move right and ride single-file when cars are behind you and need room to pass
  • Use appropriate hand and verbal signals when turning or stopping
  • Alert slower riders when you are passing on the left and do not pass on the right
  • Observe whether an intersection is clear before crossing
  • Do not wear headphones while riding
  • Always ride in a safe and predictable manner

We take your safety seriously. Please make sure you are familiar with the above rules and are able to follow them. We won't compromise the safety of our riders; failure to follow the rules can result in removal from the rides/festival.

Camping is included with your registration fee. You are responsible for bringing your own equipment, setting up that equipment, and breaking it down at the conclusion of the weekend. All campsite will be located at our BASC Basecamp and have access to showers, restrooms, limited power, and parking. 


At BASC, we plan just as many off-the-bike events as we do on-the-bike. Each day offers a wide range of activities and entertainment options. Local activities may include tours, beer gardens, axe throwing, live music, and more.

Schedule of activities and links will be available closer to the event.

All meals, snacks, waters, sodas, beer, and wine are included with your registration. Vegetarian options will be available. Please inform us of any food allergies within your registration so that we can make sure to accommodate you.

  • Breakfast: Breakfast and coffee is included at BASC Basecamp each morning.
  • Snacks: BASC will provide snacks and extra water along the route at various rest stops.
  • Lunch: A light lunch is included after you finish the ride each day.
  • Dinner: Each night, dinner, sodas, beer, and wine will be served. Vegetarian options will be available.

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Contact us for more information about the event
or sponsorship opportunities.

or call: (843) 937-5458

Contact us for more information about the event
or sponsorship opportunities.

or call: (843) 937-5458