Two Wheels, One Checklist

Two Wheels, One Checklist: Preparing for Bicycle Across South Carolina

By Ryan Biddix

Hello, fellow adventure-loving cyclists! Imagine this: your trusty bike, South Carolina’s open roads, and a whole weekend of scenery and camaraderie. But hold on to your handlebars because in just one week, it’s go-time! Before you roll out, we’ve got some packing to do. This checklist is your ticket to ensure a safe and epic ride as you get ready to hit the road.

Cycling Gear:
• Bicycle (in good working condition)
• Helmet (required)
• Cycling shoes and pedals
• Multiple spare inner tubes and patch kit
• Tire pump (some will be available at rest stops)
• Multi-tool for bike repairs
• Bike lock
• Water bottle and cage
• Bike lights (front and rear)
• Reflective clothing or accessories for visibility

• Moisture-wicking cycling jerseys (Check out our new jersey here!)
• Padded cycling shorts or bibs
• Lightweight and breathable jacket
• Arm and leg warmers (if needed)
• Cycling gloves
• Sunglasses with UV protection
• Buff or neck gaiter
• Hat or cycling cap
• Comfortable socks
• Rain gear (poncho or jacket)

• Bike computer or smartphone with navigation app (Ride with GPS)
• Identification, cash, and cards
• Ziplock bags (for phone and valuables protection)
• Bike-mounted bag or panniers for storage
• Energy gels, bars, and snacks
• Portable phone charger and cables
• Sunscreen and lip balm
• Camera or action cam (optional)

Camping/Overnight Gear (if applicable):
• Tent
• Sleeping bag and pad
• Basic toiletries and Towels
• Insect repellent
• Headlamp or flashlight
• Campsite reservations (if using RV or trailer, register here)

• Route maps (available on Ride GPS app) and event details
• Personal medication (if needed) and First Aid Kit
• Event registration confirmation
• Emergency contact information
• Good spirit and a sense of adventure!

With just one week to go, you’re all set to tackle BASC this year. Grab your gear and get ready for a remarkable journey through the Rock Hill region. It’s going to be a ride filled with scenic vistas, endurance, and plenty of cherished memories. So, get pumped, stay safe, and may your wheels turn smoothly on this grand cycling adventure.

Bicycle Across South Carolina