Two Wheels, One Checklist

Two Wheels, One Checklist: Preparing for Bicycle Across South Carolina

By Ryan Biddix

Hello, fellow adventure-loving cyclists! Imagine this: your trusty bike, South Carolina’s open roads, and a whole weekend of scenery and camaraderie. But hold on to your handlebars because in just one week, it’s go-time! Before you roll out, we’ve got some packing to do. This checklist is your ticket to ensure a safe and epic ride as you get ready to hit the road.

Cycling Gear:
• Bicycle (in good working condition)
• Helmet (required)
• Cycling shoes and pedals
• Multiple spare inner tubes and patch kit
• Tire pump (some will be available at rest stops)
• Multi-tool for bike repairs
• Bike lock
• Water bottle and cage
• Bike lights (front and rear)
• Reflective clothing or accessories for visibility

• Moisture-wicking cycling jerseys (Check out our new jersey here!)
• Padded cycling shorts or bibs
• Lightweight and breathable jacket
• Arm and leg warmers (if needed)
• Cycling gloves
• Sunglasses with UV protection
• Buff or neck gaiter
• Hat or cycling cap
• Comfortable socks
• Rain gear (poncho or jacket)

• Bike computer or smartphone with navigation app (Ride with GPS)
• Identification, cash, and cards
• Ziplock bags (for phone and valuables protection)
• Bike-mounted bag or panniers for storage
• Energy gels, bars, and snacks
• Portable phone charger and cables
• Sunscreen and lip balm
• Camera or action cam (optional)

Camping/Overnight Gear (if applicable):
• Tent
• Sleeping bag and pad
• Basic toiletries and Towels
• Insect repellent
• Headlamp or flashlight
• Campsite reservations (if using RV or trailer, register here)

• Route maps (available on Ride GPS app) and event details
• Personal medication (if needed) and First Aid Kit
• Event registration confirmation
• Emergency contact information
• Good spirit and a sense of adventure!

With just one week to go, you’re all set to tackle BASC this year. Grab your gear and get ready for a remarkable journey through the Rock Hill region. It’s going to be a ride filled with scenic vistas, endurance, and plenty of cherished memories. So, get pumped, stay safe, and may your wheels turn smoothly on this grand cycling adventure.