What to Pack

What to Pack for BASC 2020

Have you ever driven all the way to the airport only to realize you’ve forgotten your (cellphone, wallet, passport)? How about when participating in a cycling ride? You’re 15 miles into the dense forest greenery and suddenly, your tire starts to feel flat. You look in your bag, only to realize that you forgot to pack your hand pump. There’s a mechanic at the upcoming camp-site in 20 miles, but that doesn’t help you now. It is a lesson best learned the hard way, however, preventative measures can always be taken. Just like the old saying goes,

“It’s better to have one and not need it, than to not have one and need it”

No Supplies left behind

With experience from last year’s ride, coupled with community input, we have compiled a comprehensive list separated into 2 categories to help even the most prepared of cyclists arrive fully-equipped to conquer the ride: Things you’ll definitely remember to pack and some things you might not think of.

Things You’ll Definitely Remember to Pack

It goes without saying, these are the essentials, the quick ‘wallet, keys, phone check’ done while walking out the front door. The items so ingrained to the packing process leaving without them would be akin to leaving the house without underwear…I mean cycling shorts!

  • Bicycle Helmet- every rider must have a helmet to participate.
  • Hydration- Pack or waterbottles
  • Spare Tubes that fit your wheels
  • Cycling gear such as:
    • Cycling shorts
    • a pair of Cycling shoes
    • Clothing you feel most comfortable in while riding
    • Rain jacket
    • Gloves
    • Sunglasses and/or appropriate eyewear
  • Sunscreen
  • BUG SPRAY! The South Carolina mosquitoes are unrelenting and we are hoping the cooler weather of October will help
Every rider must have a helmet to participate

Things You Might Not Think Of

The ones that fly under the radar. They’re not at the forefront of your mind but that doesn’t mean that they’re not as important or integral to the process. Those that honestly might just slip your mind because 2020 has been weird and we’re all still adapting. You definitely do not want to forget:

  • Hydration Mix – The water bottle (or pack) is only 1/2 of the equation, you need both!
  • Snacks- food for your day, energy bars, gels, etc.
    Be sure to pack snacks for in between meals!
    • With your registration package riders are entitled to 3 meals per day
      • Breakfast and Coffee before the ride
      • Lunch and Snacks on the ride
      • Dinner, Soda, Beer and Wine after the ride
    • The snacks are for in-between meals if you’re hungry, but trust me- you’ll be eating goood.
  • Multitool/ Allen Tools/ Chain Tool
    • Riders will be supported by 2-3 SAG vehicles equipped with bike supplies such as; inner tubes, floor pumps, tire levers, multi-tool, first aid kits, and bottled water.
    • However, please note that this is a self-supported ride so please come prepared with necessary equipment and materials.
  • Cell phone and charger- seems obvious but how many times have you forgotten to pack your phone charger?! Personally speaking…all the time. ):
  • Mask/ Facial Covering
    • New and Exciting 2020 additional items to pack!
    • Click here to learn more about how BASC is handling COVID19
  • Personal ID and Medical info/ Emergency Contact Card
  • Toiletries! Unless you have chosen the hotel option we suggest you bring your own!

To make sure you have absolutely everything you need, check out this list from REI: checklist-bike-multiday-touring

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BASC 2020 Registration is live! This year’s ride will take place on October 15th – 18th with 3, 2, and 1-day ride options. Sign up here!

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